Ste. Anne

Tuesday 9 August at 7pm
The Elizabeth Picture Theatre

Ste. Anne, Rhayne Vermette, 2021, 80m

A lyrical debut from the Indigenous Métis filmmaker & artist Rhayne Vermette, which revitalises the drama of family reunion through a tactile blurring of subjectivity and landscape. Berlinale

As a party wanders its way through the night, word arrives that Renée (played by the director Rhayne Vermette in a particularly personal performance) has emerged from obscurity. Renée has been missing for years and her presence unsettles the family, particularly her younger brother Modeste, and her daughter Athene. As Renée dreams fragments of her past, ominous premonitions begin to disrupt the land.
Shot on hushed 16mm over the course of two years, seemingly mostly amidst the crepuscular light of twilight and night, Ste. Anne traces an allegorical reclamation of land through personal, symbolic and historical sites all across Treaty 1 Territory, heartland of the Métis Nation.

Free to all members with membership available online or at The Elizabeth box office.

With thanks to Rhayne Vermette.