Recent 16mm Films Retrieved from NYC

Tuesday 23 May at 7pm
The Elizabeth Picture Theatre

Recent 16mm Films Retrieved from NYC, Various, 2009-21, 80m
A showcase of contemporary experimental work grounded in the material practice of 16mm film works and made by artists (mostly) in and around New York City.

Zero Length Spring – Ross Meckfessel (2021, 16m)
The Air of the Earth in Your Lungs – Ross Meckfessel (2018, 11 m)
With The Tide, with the tide – Anna Kipervaser (2022, 3m)
Orpheus (outtakes) – Mary Helena Clark (2012, 6m)
The Dragon is the Frame – Mary Helena Clark (2014, 14m)
Sound over Water – Mary Helena Clark (2009, 6m)
Everything Turns… – Aaron Zeghers (2016, 12 m)
California Picture Book – Zach Iannazzi (2013, 12m)

Unrated 15+
Presented on 16mm with Alan Turnbull as projectionist.
Screened in partnership with Artist Film Workshop.