7 March: Restoring Parajanov (in partnership with the Institute of Modern Art and presented by film historian Daniel Bird)

28 February: Phil Tippett’s Mad God (in partnership with Netherworld & Two Bit Movie Club)
14 March: EXPMTL (introduced by curator Benjamin R. Taylor)
27 March: Alena Lodkina’s Petrol (introduced by the filmmaker)
11 April: Jonathan Davies’ Topology of Sirens
25 April: An Untitled and Perfectly-Legal Coming of Age Parody (in partnership with Static Vision and introduced by the filmmaker Vera Drew)
9 May: Ben Rivers’ Urthworks
23 May: Recent 16mm films retrieved from NYC
6 June: Cyril Schäublin’s Unrest
20 June: Ashley McKenzie’s Queens of the Qing Dynasty
4 July: James Bidgood’s Pink Narcissus (presented in partnership with Prototype)
18 July: Chris Kennedy’s The World Re-Presenting the World (introduced by the filmmaker)
1 August: Daniel Zimmerman’s Walden
15 August: Lewis Klahr’s Circumstantial Pleasures
29 August: Kleber Mendonça Filho’s Neighbouring Sounds
12 September: Lisandro Alonso’s Eureka
10 October: Sean Price William’s The Sweet East
24 October: Kleber Mendonça Filho’s Aquarius + Pictures of Ghosts
7 November: Kelly Reichardt’s Showing Up
21 November: Kleber Mendonça Filho & Juliano Dornelles’ Bacurau
5 December: Michael Mann’s Blackhat
12 December: Greg Mottola’s Confess, Fletch

12 July: Peter Strickland’s Flux Gourmet
26 July: Joana Pimenta & Adirley Queirós’ Dry Ground Burning
9 August: Rhayne Vermette’s Ste. Anne
23 August: Lucile Hadžihalilović’s Earwig
6 September: João Pedro Rodrigues’ Will-o’- the-Wisp
20 September: Gasper Noé’s Lux Æterna (presented in partnership with Static Vision)
11 October: Michelangelo Frammartino’s Il Buco
18 October: Sofia Bohdanowicz, Burak Çevik & Blake Williams’ A Woman Escapes (in 3D)
1 November: Artavazd Peleshian’s Nature + Helena Wittmann’s Drift
15 November: Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Véréna Paravel’s De Humani Corporis Fabrica
29 November: Helena Wittmann’s Human Flowers of Flesh
6 December: Albert Serra’s Pacifiction
13 December: Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum

We won’t normally giveaway information on upcoming titles without confirmed screening dates, but some confirmed screenings include the A New Old Play (Qiu Jiongjiong), Expedition Content (Ernst Karel & Veronika Kusumaryati), Happer’s Comet (Tyler Taormina), as well as films by Zachary Epcar, Pedro Neves Marques, Michael Robinson, Apichatpong Weerasethakul and a live expanded performance by Richard Tuohy and Diana Barrie. Plus a few other things.