Topology of Sirens

Tuesday 11 April at 7pm
The Elizabeth Picture Theatre

Topology of Sirens, Jonathan Davies, 2021, 105m
Cas, an academic assistant and amateur musician, moves into her aunt’s old home where she finds a cache of mysteriously labelled microcassette tapes, containing cryptic recordings of sounds ranging from everyday objects to abstract soundscapes. Cas’s curiosity to discover the origin of these tapes leads her on a meditative journey through unknown verdant Californian landscapes, encountering experimental music performances, eccentric shop owners, and early music treasures along the way. As her adventure progresses, the mystery unravels in equally enigmatic and enlightening ways, reflecting Cas’s own evolving relation with time and sound.
Topology of Sirens is a film alive to the possibility of the world and its objects contained within. These objects are equally part of the world and suggestive totemic frameworks for encountering the world. Jonathan Davies’ debut is equally indebted to the films of Rivette and the possibility of a city as a boardgame, the hills of Los Angeles’ Sierra Madre, the object driven nature of ‘90s PC adventure games like Myst and Kings Quest, and the classically wrought experimental music of Sarah Davachi (who both composed the score and acts within.) One of the pleasures of the film is the light interplay of these reference points and how they conjure new models of contemplation and pleasure.

Unrated 15+

With thanks to Jonathan Davies and Omnes Films